The Week the Snow Took Over Charlotte

Last week brought the most legitimate snow storm I’ve ever seen in Charlotte, as well as an ice sealed house arrest that I haven’t experienced since ‘that winter’ in Philadelphia when we all lost power for a week and were in school until July.  Since most snow ‘storms’ in Charlotte are largely dramatic media interpretations of some clouds and minimal precipitation crossing their interactive maps in the form of impending doom that never pans out, I was a little skeptical about how this one was going to shake out.

A big thanks again to the creators (all the creators) of wine for helping us all get through winters like this.

fuel sweat grow: wine

Well, kudos to you meteorologists, you nailed it.  Despite my skepticism (and the house transfer that occurred about 3 hours into the storm), I did manage to make it to the store before it all started so there was food.  In fact there was lots of really good food.

Breakfast: Egg Scramble with zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, and scallions.

egg prep: fuel sweat grow

fuel sweat grow: egg scramble

Dinner: Grilled chicken; cucumber, cherry tomato, avocado and raspberry salad in balsamic, and (oven) roasted cauliflower.

fuel sweat grow: grilled chicken

fuel sweat grow: salad

fuel sweat grow: snow dinner

And, of course, there were beverages.


The great part about winter storms in the south is that the snow and ice only lasts as long as the storm, and melts away just as fast as it arrived.  And then, all you’re left with are a few snowy patches, some wavering cabin fever, and of course, a few great moments capturing the memory:

Fuel Sweat Grow: Lex and Teddy

By Thursday I was ready for it all to be over, and to re-emerge into the real world, thankfully just in time for our team trip to Charleston for our soon to open MADabolic location.

I think the most challenging part of being trapped inside, for me, is breaking the routine that creates designated space for sweating, but thankfully I managed to keep moving.

The week looked like this:

  •  MADabolic (4:15 w/Sarah) on Sunday
  • Flywheel on Monday
  • (Indoor) run on Thursday
  • MADabolic on Friday (9:30am w/Georgi)
  • Charleston Ride (8am class w/Catherine) on Saturday (more to come on this…)
  • MADabolic (4:15 w/Sarah) on Sunday… to bring the week full circle.

And you know what? I survived.  Sun, snow, sweat, and more to-do’s than I know what to do with, but I’m still standing and might even be stronger than I was this time last week.  And that, is worth something.


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