Hello Charleston, Here We Come.

I go on vacation about once every never – half because I don’t have the time, and half because I’m actually terrible at vacationing.  I’m never fully able to let go of work, and even on vacation am always desperate to schedule in a good workout.  That being said, after a long decade of being a vacation failure I’ve finally found a compromise for it all: MADabolic ‘business’ trips.

This past weekend, after a long week of snow imprisonment, our MADass team traveled down to Charleston to check in on our new location (set to open in early April!) and started developing our community.  It would be nearly impossible to not be excited about any space or venture that enabled ‘business’ trips in the Holy City, but seriously, this newest MADabolic location is going to be unreal.

Our team spent hours in the space finalizing the plan details with our contractor, and building our vision for the branding and feel of our new Mt. Pleasant home.

Fuel Sweat Grow: MADass Team

Since we’re all about fostering and promoting healthy active lifestyles, as well as building community, we wanted to explore some of what Charleston has to offer.  On Saturday morning, at the bright and early hour of 8am we were saddled up at Charleston Ride, a spinning studio with a very cool urban vibe.  The class was led by one of the owners, Catherine, and was exactly what we needed to get rolling for the day.

Fuel Sweat GrowThe space is beautiful, and the community was incredibly welcoming — definitely our style.

Charleston RideIf you have a chance check out their charity ride – Pedals 4 Pattison – a charity cycle event that raises money to support a local school/camp for children with disabilities.  It’s a very worthy cause, and a very meaningful passion for all of those who work so hard to make it a success every year.

After we re-fueled up at Whole Foods, at least somewhat, it was back on the grind for the whole team.  We spent hours space planning in our new building, and talking strategy on everything from equipment placement and signage to social media and outdoor gardens.

fuel sweat grow: MADass team

We interviewed trainers, planned some events, and overall started our engines in Charleston – which of course translated into a short, but powerful, food tour.   Since the day-time hours included a good bit of running around and quick stops into local spots, dinner really remained the feature meal.

Friday night’s dinner was at Stars Rooftop Bar and Grill.  If I had to eat in one place for the rest of my life, this might just be the place.  The food was amazing, and more importantly….they have a wine tap.

wine of brilliance

Business meetings that happen over large glasses of wine, and are combined with amazing food, always seem to be my favorite business meetings of all.

Despite my juice appreciation, the kale salad was awesome, and served as the prelude to the steak, which I apparently ate too quickly to capture.

fuel sweat grow: Kale Salad at Stars

Saturday night was Pat’s night to show us one of his favorite spots in Charleston and without hesitation he decided on The Grocery — definitely a different vibe than Stars but had more of a neighborhood feel with a great atmosphere and amazing food

fuel sweat grow: charleston The grocery

Fuel Sweat Grow: The Grocery, Charleston

The meal itself was more home/family style, and cooked with a little southern flavor.  My meal of choice included a great cabernet (of course), the best carrot salad probably in the world, brussel sprouts and chicken.

fuel sweat grow: grape juice

fuel sweat grow: carrot salad

fuel sweat grow: brussel sprouts

fuel sweat grow: chicken

Needless to say by the time I got back to Charlotte on Sunday I was ready for a little food and wine detox.  It was a great and productive weekend, and more importantly, the first solid first chapter for our new venture in Charleston, and I could not be more excited about what is to come and the people we are building it with.


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