[NEW] Cville Food: Three Penny Cafe

Monday night was the much anticipated soft opening of Three Penny Cafe on Main Street (in the old Zinc location), and it was worth the wait.

fuel sweat grow: Three Penny Cafe

It just so happened that Monday was beautiful in Charlottesville, so the outdoor seating was a must, immediately ranking it as a great summer spot.  And the exciting news is that the best part about the restaurant was the menu – which is saying something because the space is beautiful.  From the appetizers of root chips and olives, to salad and ultimate dinner of amazing pizza – and of course the accompanying wine – things were great.

fuel sweat grow: Three Penny Cafe

It is entirely possible, if you want, to eat clean here, and there is plenty on the menu to keep you from feeling deprived.  My carb bender happened to be an intently thought out and very committed action after a long weekend of wine, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed.

fuel sweat grow: three penny cafe

All in all, I’m so glad that I didn’t miss this opening, and I am definitely going to be back here – on the regular.  A big thanks to the staff at Three Penny Cafe for the warm welcome, the great hospitality, and all of the effort on what could have been an overwhelming pre-opening run through.  Congratulations, you deserve it.



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