Intervals + Sweat Must Haves.

We’ve been pretty heavy on the fuel, and light on the sweats on here for a while, so here are a few workouts you can do at home or at the gym.

fuel sweat grow kettle bells

Dar Bootcamp

You’re working for 5 minutes, resting for 90 seconds, and then repeating the circuit another 4 times for 5 rounds total, adding up to 25 minutes of active work time.

Dar’s bootcamper’s did this first workout last week and all sent her messages following class about how much they loved it, followed by choice words of ‘appreciation’ from their bodies.  The key with this type of interval style circuit is to keep a competitive pace, but be consistent.  There’s no race against time, or rep competition, so find weights and speeds that are appropriate for you to challenge yourself but maintain your form.

If you’re doing the workout in a group, just split across the different stations, but maintain the order regardless of where you start – the program is set up and designed specifically to avoid the overuse and over fatigue of the same muscle groups.

I’m a junkie for this type of workout and love anything that keeps me moving with strength components, but a strong cardio base.  My three basic rules for a great sweat session are: 1) no barbells.  that’s a strength workout, and just another injury waiting to happen.  2) 20 minute working minimum of consistent work, but a full heart beating range of 20-55 minutes.  3) music.  LOUD music, absolutely no techno.

We’re running through another circuit today with a more functional focus with more intense cardio intervals.  Full sweat update to follow with the chosen playlist to keep us moving.




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  1. jsalassi3344 says:

    Just wrote a bit on HIT myself. You should check it out!

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