i Heart Walking

My heartstrings have always been easily pulled by compelling causes, the struggles of friends, and the many health threats that seem both impossible and too easy to cure.  I’m lucky to have so many friends and family that are committed to health and fitness not only as a part of their own healthy active lifestyles, but as a lifestyle and commitment that they share with others.  It’s such an amazing community, and one that can touch so many people in very powerful ways.

On September 21st I’m participating in the Charlotte Heart Walk, as the team leader for ‘i Heart Walking’ team.  My goal isn’t a monetary one, necessarily, but a goal of connecting all of my friends (and their friends) from the fitness community in Charlotte to walk in solidarity for stronger hearts and healthier lives.  We all live, promote, and spread our active lifestyles for the same reason – because we feel passionately about health, a health that goes deeper than appearance, and impacts the quality and and length of our lives.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, and a former fellow lemon (translation: we worked together for lululemon) shared this incredible video that documents one of her family member’s battles with an acute heart disease.  Please take a moment to watch it and share in her experience.

We don’t always think about heart disease impacting us at younger ages — its so easy to place it in a different age category and out of our minds.  The reality is that heart disease, and it’s varying levels of acuteness, impacts all age groups.   Lauren’s video, very powerfully, conveys this message and her story shares the harsh reality of how important heart health and the work of the American Heart Association really is.    The work of the American Heart Association benefits an incredible number of heart related illnesses, support programs, and individuals, all with their own stories, struggles, and battles to keep on beating.

Save Lauren's Heart

Please join my team, donate, or spread the word to make a difference at this year’s Heart Walk in Charlotte.   I would love nothing more than to walk in a sea of my favorite Charlotte fitness enthusiasts, and friends, all representing their fitness families as one united community committed to heart health, and active lifestyles.

I will be there representing my own MADlifestyle with a full and hopeful heart.


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