The Whole Damn Thing

We Kick off our JANUARY PROGRAM on Sunday, January 5th, 2020.

This is a program for anyone who is looking for eduction, support, and accountability in building and a sustaining a healthy and whole lifestyle including real food, fitness and overall wellness.

We don’t focus or promote any one nutrition plan or goal as a strict prescription for success, but rather promote sustained and practical wellness build around real foods to understand what does and doesn’t work for each individual’s body, and lifestyle.

We provide workshops and resources with certified nutrition experts, accessible workout programs with fitness experts and coaches, as well as other practical resources the goal of this program is to build a community committed to supporting and sustaining a practical whole lifestyles for physical and metal health with honest and

Our next community kicks off on Sunday January 5th and will be managed virtually, also with a local team in Charlottesville, VA.