A Celebration of MADness: Charleston Style

Hello, Charleston.  Yep, that’s right, we’re back again, and all in the name of MADness.  We opened the doors to MADabolic Charleston (Mt. Pleasant) in the beginning of June, and this weekend we celebrated the coaches, community, and the complete disbelief that it’s only been 7 weeks.

After an epic Thursday and Friday nights (which I’ll recap later this week) we kicked off the Grand Opening celebration on Saturday with some morning interval action (it.was.brutal.) followed by FREE samples from our friends at modpaleo.

fuel sweat grow: MADcharleston

fuel sweat grow: MADcharleston

I met Amber and Carter, the creators/owners of Modpaleo, a few years ago – just prior to their meal plan launch- when I started to drop into their morning bootcamp in Charlotte for lululemon.   Like anyone who has pushed hard to eat clean,  they recognized the lack of convenient or easy meal options for those days or weeks when you just don’t have the time to spend hours doing prep work.  Thus modpaleo  was born providing amazing chef prepared paleo meals to their pick up locations (in select cities…).

We are now one of their pick up locations in Charleston, and the only one in Mt. Pleasant, so check them out and place an order! The food is amazing, and the convenience seriously can’t be beat.

fuel sweat grow: modpaleo

fuel sweat grow: modpaleo

[coconut curry beef – roasted cauliflower – apricot glazed chicken – YUM ]

fuel sweat grow: modpaleo

After two packed morning classes, and two additional preview classes for new clients, there was just enough time to take a 30 minute nap in between setting up and getting ready to go.

I don’t have all the pictures back from our photographer to really do the whole event justice, but I have to give a huge shout out to the guys from Charleston Choo who catered the event and did an amazing job.  I absolutely loved all the food, and they went beyond what I was even envisioning with the house made dressings and original recipes to fit our locally-sourced and more farm-to-table requests.

Our friends from King of Pops were also there to round out the catering with their sweet treats and signature pops.

fuel sweat grow: MADcharleston grand opening party

The party was awesome, and a great celebration of our community.  And let’s not forget our awesome founding team of coaches, all of whom made this community (and stream of photos) as ridiculous and fun as it is strong.

fuel sweat grow: MADcharleston coaches

fuel sweat grow: MADcharleston coaches

fuel sweat grow: MADcharleston coaches

There’s really nothing as good as a Saturday night well spent with a group of great people.  Thanks Charleston for another awesome weekend.

Durable Weekend: Moving, Brunch + Wahoowa

The weekend was an exercise in durability for me, all around, but was sweetly padded with these stems on Friday night from Robin, the lovely owner of Tru Pilates here in Charlottesville.

fuel sweat grow: friday flowers

Little did she know that we were testing her most durable nature Saturday morning at MADabolic (sorry!) with a killer combination of movements packed into our Twice As Nice interval.  [Disclaimer: the ‘Nice’ part of the name is slightly deceptive — just ask Throck (pictured below).]

fuel sweat grow: MADabolic Durability

Immediately following my test of will in the interval, it was time to move yet another 16′ container of all my earthly belongings into the new house.  ON a normal day this would have been tasking, but after my early morning abuse it was absolutely brutal.  By the end of the night I was ready to collapse, and I’m assuming that’s what happened since in retrospect I have zero idea what I even did.

Sunday morning included a stop in at MAD to get a few items in order, and then brunch at Beer Run.  My short review of brunch: it’s possible to eat clean, but the presentation and amount of food is underwhelming at best.

fuel sweat grow: beer run brunch


It was well past my normal morning eating time when we got the food, so I ate the whole thing in about two seconds.  I had the snow white omleette [basil, purple onion, cherry tomatoes, spinach, and whole eggs] which really was good — but I could have eaten two for sure.

After brunch I actually made a follow up smoothie with ice, coconut milk, cold brew coffee from Stock, a spoonful of almond butter, banana, a tiny bit of vanilla extract, and a touch of raw cocoa powder for a little kick of flavor.  It was good – SO good.

The rest of the day flew by with some pool time and last, but certainly not least, the UVa v. Ole Miss game in the College World Series – and a crazy walk-off win in the bottom of the ninth.  Seriously, I’m not a fan of the high-anxiety, right-up-to-the-last-out, kind of games, but I agree that it truly adds to the excitement – as long as we win in the end.

Late night stress aside, it was a damn good night for UVa and a great way to kick off another 5-day haul.


My Super Long Cut and Paste Week.

Today was one of those Thursday mornings when I spent about two optimistic and delusional seconds trying to tell myself it was actually Saturday before I forced myself to open my eyes.  Unfortunately, those efforts always prove futile, and I got up to face the fourth day of what feels like a twelve day week.

Coming off of our team’s weekend in Charleston, this week was a long extension of last, chock full of meetings, deadlines, and do-it-freaking-now lists.

Monday kicked off the week with a over-full work day, the 5:30 class at MADabolic, and dinner at Nan & Byrons in the SouthEnd to talk MADabolic strategy and development with an awesome local female entrepreneur.  I will absolutely be sharing more on this very soon — but in the meantime, check out her brainchild, The SoGood (& download the app).

Tuesday was the off-day from exercise that I promised myself, so I filled the post-work hours with a great dinner at Roosters and some of my favorite people — and of course, our best friend of all: wine.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but Roosters has risen to be one of my favorite spots in Charlotte (ranking high up there with Soul) and never disappoints.

Wednesday was my ‘do it all’ day.  Work, grocery shopping, multi-tasking, MADabolic work, running, cooking, and most importantly: Craft Night.

fuel sweat grow: craft night

The anticipation was almost too much — but somehow I managed.  The craft of choice was pop-up cards, and the theme was romance foods and valentine’s day.  Or at least it was the theme until the snow forced us to reschedule, so the night transformed into a night of creating super ironic and unsympathetic occasion cards combined with dogs and food.


Today took everything I had left — which leaves me a little concerned for tomorrow — and I was on the go all day.  Thankfully being in constant motion typically does suit me well, so while I feel behind on administrative tasks, I finally filled some process gaps and created some long-awaited solutions to make my life much easier going forward.  So, it was well worth it.

I hit up the 6pm Flywheel class with Jenna, and got my butt kicked in the best way possible to round out the day and prep me for Friday.

I’ve worked hard to hit the end of the week, and you better believe that I am going to enjoy a weekend at home.  I have a ton of work to get through, and a million little things I need to finish around the house, but I’m committed to taking a few hours for me.

If you’re in Charlotte and looking for a good sweat, here’s my plan for the weekend:

Friday, 5:30pm at MADabolic CLT

Saturday, 10:30am at MADabolic CLT (I looked ahead guys, and you want to do these intervals too.)

Sunday, TBD Flywheel and 6pm deep stretch at Yoga One *subject to change*

Regardless, it was a super productive but busy week and I am SO EXCITED for the weekend to arrive.  See you on the other side.