Food Lately, November Style

The last two weeks have been about cleaning up from the chaos of the previous few months, organizing everything within reach, and setting up for a solid start to 2016.

I’ve been doing a little more of a local and multi-source roundup for food stuffs lately, trying to both create and save a little change in the process.  Last weekend, however, with limited time and limited need, I hit up Whole Foods, my own personal Kryptonite.


I’m going through a pretty serious chicken phase at the moment, trying to move away from the all too frequent steak indulge – both for a little reining in of my food expenses, and also for a little change up to get out of the repetitive meal rut that I’ve been in for a while.



Whole chickens are totally my jam, so I kicked off the week  on Sunday with a little grill action; all the chicken, asparagus, and my favorite kale slaw [shredded kale, cabbage, green onion, carrots with bonus radishes and avocado dressed in fresh squeezed lime juice, olive oil and himalayan sea salt].  Dinner = Yum.

IMG_4031Tuesday night I took a different twist on one of my absolute favorite meals.

Salad was just a simple love [torn romaine, cherry tomato and slivered almond combo (avocado added as the finale) dressed in light olive oil and truffle salt].



The main love of the meal (for me) was simmered ground beef and onion (with coconut oil), zucchini, and mushrooms, with spiraled sweet potato noodles added in for the last 5 minutes to soften and absorb the flavor.





When I say I loved it, I think I’m actually not fully doing the meal justice since it was absolutely everything I wanted and nothing that I didn’t.  The red wine that accompanied it also didn’t hurt.

When I make the time to refocus in the kitchen to allow for creativity and  a little personal therapy, having time away from everything else that takes my attention, it is usually the best way to infuse energy back into all aspects of my being.

This weekend, which ‘thankfully’ started two days early, is a long awaited opportunity to get all of the things organized, strategies completed, and life organized as we march hard into December and the scheduling chaos that is before us.

Tomorrow we’re doing a b:MAD misfit toys paleo potluck hosted by part of the original tribe, so get pumped for the recap of what will undoubtedly be a crazy amazing holiday to remember.

Spaghetti Squash Nosh

Remember when spaghetti squash acted as the carb replacement for the chili recipe? Well, as promised, there were leftovers, and they went to good use!

I’m a pretty huge fan of using leftovers to create new meals, and spaghetti squash is one of the best chameleon-like foods to do that.  Add only what you need to each meal, and save the rest in a separate container for later use – it’s a huge time saver for mid-week meals.

For this meal, I sautéd zucchini and yellow squash in coconut oil, and then once tender threw in the leftover spaghetti squash and mixed it around.

spaghetti squash in coconut oil w/zucchini & yellow squash
spaghetti squash in coconut oil w/zucchini & yellow squash
add peas! lots of delicious peas.
add peas! lots of delicious peas.

Since this squash overload has tons of good vitamins in it, but no protein, the grill was fired up and and some fresh cuts from The Organic Butcher were thrown on.

grilled to perfect pinkness.
grilled to perfect pinkness.

This was a definite throw together meal, but surprisingly one of my favorites in recent weeks.

the whole shebang
the whole shebang

The spaghetti squash really gives the feel of a stringy pasta and added so much to the combo with the other squash.  I’ve found a few awesome recipes on Pinterest that I want to modify to make it cleaner & more of a comfort fuel than comfort food.

In other news, I found these sweet chocolate covered mini-pretzels on my trip to Cville Market, and they were the perfect compliment to the dinner.

so. good.
so. good.

While these particular treasures are gluten rich, making the gluten-free versions from scratch is a newly prioritized project on our list, because hey, a girl’s gotta have her chocolate once in a while.