Pre-Snow Sunday + Spaghetti Squash (local) Meat Marinara

I live for Sundays.  It’s the sleep-in, make breakfast, drink my whole damn coffee (or two), and enjoy the scenery day I exist for.  Even when I’m in Charlottesville (especially when I’m here) and I know I’m going to be at MADabolic in the morning, the pace is still distinctly different.  The only thing better than Sunday mornings are Sunday afternoons that involve great food and relaxation.

Since this past Sunday marked day #2 of the 28toLife partial re-charge, and thanks to an afternoon trip to Whole Foods, the fridge was stocked with food begging to be turned into something amazing.

Now, I’m going to digress for a moment because this Sunday happened to also bring the less than thrilling news that apparently it was going to snow — again.  I love a good snow day, maybe once a year, but that quota was filled months ago and I’m ready for 70 and sunny.  Apparently that wasn’t happening, so after surviving the parking wars at Whole Foods and a desperate scramble for provisions, it was homeward bound for 48 exciting hours of wine-less confinement.

The best way to keep my mind off of something displeasurable is to cook, so I blocked out the snow-cast and got organized.

Fuel sweat grow: inspector bug

The fridge was inspected by Bug, and packed with plenty of food to survive the storm (note: the left side door doesn’t count– some things should never be thrown away even if they’re forbidden in the moment #beer #wine).

For dinner, I started with two main ingredients: spaghetti squash and my new absolute favorite (and LOCAL) marinara from Keswick Gormet.

Fuel sweat grow: spaghetti squash marinara

The woman who actually makes this sauce happened to be in Whole Foods on Sunday with a sample table.  It is completely free of preservatives, sugars, or any added anything outside of her amazing natural ingredients — and it tastes JUST like my grandmother’s best sauce (a true testament from an Italian granddaughter).

Fuel Sweat Grow: Meat Marinara

Since I needed to get some meat into the meal, I decided to make a vegetable and ground beef base to transform it into a meat sauce.

Fuel Sweat Grow: Meat Marinara

While it was all simmering together a salad was created with romaine, kale, avocado, almonds, heirloom cherry tomatoes and cucumber.

Fuel Sweat Grow: salad

And then, miraculously, the best meal I’ve had in recent memory was completed:

Fuel Sweat Grow: Spaghetti Squash Meat Marinara

fuel sweat grow: Spaghetti Squash Meat Marinara

I love food, pretty non-discriminantly, but this was SO good.  I had roasted two spaghetti squash the night before, and the full jar of marinara with a little over a pound of meat so there was plenty to go around, and a good amount of leftovers (that all lasted less than 24 hours).  I highly recommend this as one of the easiest, best, and most re-heating friendly meals ever.  Try it.

So, the moral of the story is that I survived the snow, and managed to keep myself busy long enough to avoid any serious breakdowns — although wine would have helped my morale tremendously.

Fuel. Sweat. Snowday.

Tonight we got snow in Charlotte, so naturally everyone freaked out all day in preparation.  As a Northerner I typically find the southern snow experience underwhelming….and I love it.  Today’s snow drill was met with a cancelled work dinner, so I found myself free to live the dream in my living room: sitting by the fire doing work during the single digit hours.

fuel sweat grow: snow day

I hate cold weather, and I’m not a huge fan of snow (after the initial aesthetic factor), but I’ve really come to love snow days as an adult far more than I ever appreciated them as a kid.  The thing I crave most these days is time.  I’m not talking leisure or wasted time, but more time in my world to get things done without outside world distractions or scheduled obligations.

Today was also my planned off-day from working out, so this could not have come at a better time.  Last week I hit up MADabolic CLT 5 times, including both Saturday and Sunday morning, with a Flywheel class squeezed in the middle so I needed a day of rest.

Sweet pic of Sarah mid-interval at #MADabolicCLT
Sweet pic of Sarah mid-interval at #MADabolicCLT

Yesterday, to wind down and stretch out just a bit, I took the 6pm class at Y2, led by my friend Adam – something I’ve been meaning to add back in to my regular schedule for longer than I want to admit.  I needed a good sweat and a short mental vacation to get me started this week, and it totally worked it’s magic.

I still have some things to unpack, but for the most part my life is beginning to feel organized again, and I’m creating space for the things I need: both mentally and as it relates to my belongings.

fuel sweat grow: office organization

I’m really crazy about office supplies and organizational bins/concepts, so that whole process has been hugely therapeutic for me.  I spent some serious time the last two nights on a few planning pieces that I just haven’t had the time to focus on lately, so while I got a little anxious about the time it took from my extensive to-do list, in the long run it’s going to be huge for me.

fuel sweat grow: business planning

I’m not sure what tomorrow’s going to bring in terms of a snowday or workout, but for a change I’m just going to fully enjoy this moment of bliss: fire, warmth, organization and the kind of sleep that only comes from a cold winter’s night.

It’s off to Charlottesville this weekend for some serious quality time with the MADabolic Cville crew, and a birthday celebration for their fearless leader Dar that will certainly be one for the books.