Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification + A weekend in PA

Coach Dar here!  This past weekend, I spent almost 3 days in Pennsylvania attending the Functional Movement Certification.  New to the Mid-Atlantic region, I enjoyed that 5 hour drive as I had no clue how close I live to Northern Virginia, Washington, Baltimore and Philly!  This little town of CVille, is surrounded by some of the best Metropolitan areas of the country.

map of charlottesville to New York

I’ve been looking forward to this certification for over a year now.  It’s just one more thing as a coach and trainer to aid me in working with clients.  In a nutshell – the FMS is comprised of 7 basic fundamental movement patterns, that expose a person’s dysfunction, pain or Both!  Here’s the thing I find most interesting;  we all can perform a wide variety of activities, yet, we are unable to efficiently perform these movements in the screen.  If you score poorly on the screen you most likely are using compensatory movement patterns during regular activities.

FMS squat

So, who cares?  You should care, because compensation leads to sub-optimal movement patterns being reinforced, leading to poor biomechanics and the big kicker: this can contribute to  a future injury.

Just hit me up at if you would like to have a complimentary screen performed on your movement patterns.