Recapping the Week of All the Food

It’s Wednesday.  I’m not sure how, or when exactly, that happened, but it did, and here we are.

Last week was a blur, a jam-packed blur of events and to-do’s that bled straight into this one and just kept marching.  But the blur doesn’t always have to be bad — those weeks are typically also packed with a whole lot of good to balance it all out and keep you coming back for more.  Plus, they’re usually when the foundation is built for whatever is coming next.  And on that note, just stay tuned, I’ve got some updates, announcements, and really fun opportunities that grew right out of it — and that definitely makes it all worth it.

This week, so far, has been for seriously getting things done, and I needed that.  I needed to start to feel progress, to check some big items off my list, and to find a little extra comfort in my routine.  We’ve had a lot going on over here lately – some pretty par for the course, and some a little more serious, so productivity has become something of a medicine.

This weekend was made up of MADabolic, vineyards, friends, amazing local restaurants, more MAD, some barre with the b:core girls, more friends, and of course, FOOD — and lots of it.

Saturday, and one of the best weather dates to date this spring, was largely spent at Pippin with some of our favorite MAD peeps.  Emerging from what was a heavy season of reds, I revisited some white vines, loving on a glass of their Viognier and paired it with the shaved brussel salad with an egg topper.

fuel sweat grow: pippin hill shaved brussel salad

After a few hours in the sun (and a few hours post-delicious food), we returned to the city limits and saddled up to my favorite new restaurant in cville: Oakhart Social.

fuel sweat grow: Oakhart Social

There was a while there in the winter when I was a weekly, or bi-weekly, patron of Oakhart, and a definite addict of their shaved salad and brussel sprouts.  Honestly, my mouth waters just thinking about them.  Since the weather was turning a bit, and we had enough wine in our bellies to want to live on the edge, this visit included (more wine, clearly) the shaved salad and the sausage pizza, which I highly recommend as a weekend treat for anyone living the 80/20 or balancing out the 5 day plan.

fuel sweat grow: Oakhart Social

Sunday brought on a dose of MADness that was almost cruel given how sore my quads were from Saturday morning, but somehow I (we all) made it through.  The afternoon brought on some serious shaking with the b:core girls (even with my half-marking of all the thighs) and a seriously amazing dinner with the Guptas in all of their paleo grilling glory.

fuel sweat grow: paleo kabobs

Monday night our friends from MODpaleo came out to MAD in Charlottesville and set up shop with some samples of their amazing, amazing, meals.

fuel sweat grow: MODpaleo meal delivery

It just so happened that my weekly delivery arrived on Monday afternoon as well, so I took a few pics so you could see how amazing it is when it actually delivers.

fuel sweat grow: ModPaleo delivery

fuel sweat grow: MODpaleo meal delivery

fuel sweat grow: MODpaleo meal delivery

Delivery is overnight, and always lands on my doorstep with the food still slightly colder than my fridge, and packed ever so smartly.  And when I’ve been really good, I’ll sometimes get a sweet t-shirt.

Even just having the smell of the food fill up MAD on monday night the packed evening rounds was exciting, but really getting to see folks try some of the different meals and taste combos was awesome.  They’ve got meaty and non-meaty (vegetarian meals) and treats that change weekly, so you’re never bored or stuck with the same taste combos.  In fact, I think I probably repeat more meals in my kitchen than I ever do when I order, so that’s pretty awesome.

If you made it out and loved it, remember, use the code ‘MadnessCville’ for 10% off your first order, and if you didn’t make it out, well still order some and try it out — it’s worth it, i promise.

So, that was the food update.  The life + biz-venture updates are on their way, just as soon as I get myself a little better organized, and my brain a little quieter.

From the Beach to the MADness

This week started out at the beach, on what was a last-ditch attempt to get away and have some semblance of a vacation before all the MADness hits the fan, and ended with 4 days that felt like 4 weeks, with hours of to-do’s crammed into half-hour time slots.  We’ve all been there, so I’m sure you get the picture.  It was chaotic, it was all over the place, and despite some major logistical debacles, was pretty productive.

My sweat schedule went like this:

Monday: Run

Tuesday: Flywheel w/Jenna!

Wednesday: Fight Gone MAD w/Brandon (and the ever present coach, Kirk, working out with us)

Thursday: 16 oz curls (read: pool grilling and drinking)

Friday: Fight Gone MAD w/Kirk

Saturday: a last minute, totally stressed out squeeze into an empty bike in Jenna’s class.

Today: another Flywheel, because it’s so darn convenient, and tomorrow it’s time to roll back into the MADness.

I haven’t been cooking much as of late, so I’ve been subject to the menu options of restaurants all over Charlotte.  Before I get into that, I’d like to personal thank Starbucks and the fine iced coffee brewers over at Sunflour Baking Company for sponsoring my caffeine fixes, and keeping my brain functioning.

As for food, here’s some of what fueled me this week

A (very) late breakfast at Cheesecake factory consisted of their Energy Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, roasted tomatoes, and grilled chicken over a spinach + mushroom sauté.  It’s one of my favorite daytime items on their menu, and if you’re so inclined can be requested to NOT be cooked in butter.

cheesecake factory

Another on-the-go lunch took place at one of my favorite spots in Charlotte, The Cowfish Sushi + Burger Bar.

CYO burger at Cowfish

This particular meal was a create your own with a regular burger on a lettuce wrap (sort of…the lettuce wrap was kind of weak) with lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted red peppers, avocado, and a side of grilled veggies).  I have to say, I have infrequently (in the past) opted for the veggies over their sweet potato fries, but the squash stalks were amazing.

On Wednesday night we had a little Fight Gone MAD ‘owners dinner’ of our own at 1900 Mexican in Elizabeth.  Dar was also in Charlotte getting ready for her big Main Stage Show this weekend, so we met up with Tracie + Roland who recently announced that they will be opening the Fight Gone MAD in Lake Norman (north charlotte).

I love the food at 1900 Mexican, and the food was amazing, but I didn’t take pictures of it.  I did however capture the most important new menu item, and that was this Breakfast Margarita.  The addition of grapefruit juice and either grapefruit or orange zest was perfection.

1900 Mexican, breakfast margarita

Thursday was a really long day for me so I was happy to get a text from Dar and our friend Billy in the mid-afternoon saying that grilling and beer-ing (or in my case, cider-ing) was underway out by Billy and Gwen’s pool, so I hightailed it over there as soon as I was able to wrap up a few more to-do’s and errands.

Food credit on this meal goes entirely to Dar who has in the last year not only learned how to feed herself, but now also others.  And well.

fuel sweat grow: food blog

We had amazing skirt steak and filets from Whole Foods, grilled zucchini + yellow squash, and a huge awesome salad, a la the summer fruit trend.

fuel sweat grow: summer salad

Even Bug, who has recently NOT been eating the same way she used to, enjoyed herself and a new toy that she got for being good (well, pretty much for no reason at all, actually).

Friday I took myself to the mall during lunch to get a few errands under my belt and break up the work day, which worked, and also allowed me to catch up with some of my favorite lemons at the lululemon in Southpark, and then capped off the late afternoon with an early evening Fight Gone MAD class, and dinner at the Peculiar Rabbit with Kelli, another FGM regular and a great friend.

What I didn’t anticipate was the craziness of the rest of the weekend (not in the going-out-hard way), or the impending chaos of the upcoming week.  The good news is everyone survived, no one got injured, and I managed to knock out a big load of necessary tasks in the last 24 hours to ease the harsh return of Monday.

A Week of Updates: From coffee to wine

This has been ‘one of those weeks.’  You know the kind where your workouts and meals seem like they’re wedged into 30 minute blocks and the rest of life slops out of it’s designated time slots to overtake your day?  Yes, it was that week.  Thankfully those brief windows of fueling and sweating managed to persist, and I have lived to tell the tale. Next week I will update you on the actual contents of my to-do lists, with big announcements coming out of FemCity Charlottesville.  Ah-mazing upcoming events.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but coffee is the only reason that I’m alive.  This is one fact that I’m certain of.   One of the hardest things about running around town on a crazy schedule is getting my coffee fix, but also getting some good food into my body to start the day.

LaTaza coffee

One of my favorite spots in Charlottesville, LaTaza, has the awesome coffee house community vibe, with great coffee, and great food to back it up.  The breakfast menu is awesome in and of itself, but they are also amazing about modifications.  I’ve found myself there several times this week for meetings, but Wednesday morning after bootcamp I desperately needed a re-fuel.

Scrambled eggs with zucchini, tomato and a side of avocado. If that’s not an awesome healthy dine-out breakfast, I don’t know what is.  Oh, also, it was delicious.  It’s so hard to find a spot that has great coffee and great food, so this was such an amazing find.

laTaza breakfast

As I was heading back out into the world, well fed and caffeinated, I caught a glimpse of this flyer for Adam & Katie’s yoga workshop next weekend at Opal Yoga, right here in the heart of Charlottesville.


I can not wait for next weekend not only to see those two jokers, but to show them around our beautiful city. Since I know that they’re on the same page when it comes for having locavore hearts and a love for all things farm to table, one of the stops on the docket will undoubtedly be the city market. This way I can fulfill my produce needs for the week, buy my local meat, and see the ever-loving ever-amazing creative soul, Erin McDermott, who will be selling her jewelry there.

Quick sidenote: check out this guide from Real Simple on the best spring produce.  It’s a great one to keep seasonable vegetables in mind, and generate some new fresh meal ideas.

spring produce

Dinners have been mostly grilled or left over this week, with my personal favorite meal of grilled flank steak and vegetables.

flank steak grilled

When it comes to grilled vegetables, the most commonly grilled for me are usually asparagus, squash, eggplant, and peppers/onions when it’s kabob time, so I wanted to throw in something different.  A few weeks ago I had some grilled cauliflower at Zinc that I absolutely loved so I gave it a shot at home.

grilled zucchini + cauliflower

Truly, it was awesome.  Cauliflower doesn’t have the same crisping tendency that broccoli does, so it gets nice and tender without the same burning/dry tips.  You can lightly brush with olive oil and season with salt (or whatever you want – maybe throw in a little cayenne for a kick) and grill it up.

The other upside to grilling a little firmer of a vegetable is that they really hold up well as leftovers to use with other meals, and in the case of this week, in scrambled eggs.  Seriously, it was good.

My sweat schedule this week consisted almost exclusively of Bootcamp, with one simple quick and dirty run that may have actually been my first run in a few weeks. I’ve been nursing a tight back thanks to some not-so-smart adventuring that I did, so my goal was to keep moving, but take it all in stride.  Rest can be a good thing.

I’ve hit my limit of work interest for the day, or maybe the week, so I’ve planned a walk into the afternoon and will be shutting down for the rest of the night with a couple productive but social (socially productive work) meetings to kick off the weekend.   As I  always say, ‘when in doubt, wine,’ and that’s exactly what’s on the docket.


Until next time, keep it local + cook it clean!