On Building the New + Loving What Already Is

The first two weeks of August are typically the slowest, the quietest, and at times the sweetest weeks of the year in Charlottesville.  That pattern probably persisted again this year(traffic has been lighter, downtown has had parking) however, in the eye of the storm that is opening a new business, things have been a little different for me — again.

fuel sweat grow: b:core methods opening

Each year, for the last 4 years, most of my energy has been devoted to opening a new business between June and August, which I’m just starting to realize does have a serious impact on my summer-ing, but I still don’t think I would have it any other way.  We’re just about two weeks out from opening, and there’s no amount of pool time or day drinking that could compare with how it feels to open the doors to the warm air as we welcome our new community, new schedules, and new chapters in all of our lives.

Last week our b:core barre team met up for wine, cupcakes, and conversation around personal branding with a little touch of team building.  So pretty much we met up for all the things I love most in life, with some of the people that I love most, and it was everything.

fuel sweat grow: b:core personal branding

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve taken classes from our teachers and been completely blown away by their poise, confidence and just general mastery of their classes from the foundations of the method all the way down to the intricacies of their personal class and voice.  I’m not only incredibly impressed with the work and focus they’ve put into building their expertise, but I’m also feeling SO grateful that I have such an amazing staff that I’ll be constantly pushed to be better and to know more — and we’ll call that a goal accomplished.

fuel sweat grow: b:core barre photos

We’ve been very aware of how incredibly fortunate we’ve been to have found the coaches we did at MADabolic, how eager and invested they are in the programming, clients, and lifestyle, so now to have another completely boss staff of barre teachers, I almost can’t believe it.

This upcoming weekend is MADabolic Cville’s 2nd Birthday, so while I’m feeling up to my neck in b:core things, I’m focused on taking time out to celebrate everything that this milestone represents for our team internally, the community, and our lives on the whole.  Before we opened MAD two years ago I asked Dar to take a minute to clear space for all the things to come; all the moments of ‘firsts’, the challenges, and the people that we don’t know yet, but that were about to flood our lives with so much good that we would never be the same again.  And that’s exactly what happened.  While I’m excited to do the same again, to embrace all the new-ness that’s going to be born along with b:core, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by looking back and celebrating all of the amazing twists and turns that came with the last two years of MADness, and all of the beautiful souls that have made it so worthwhile, and still do, every.damn.day.

So, while August can feel a little slow sometimes, we’re cranking things up over here, keeping the engines running, and preparing for the new.  I can’t wait to share some of the most exciting updates (including the new WEBSITE + b:core blog!!!!) coming this week, as we count down to the open. It’s going to be a seriously powerful kind of love coming out of the IX building downtown, and that’s the most certain thing I know.

Charleston MADness + Juice Blends

It’s official — MADabolic Charleston is finally open!


After what felt like endless months of build out and training, the doors are now open and the foundation of this new community has already begun to form.  And it’s been nothing short of amazing.

Thank you Charleston for the amazing reception — and our MADabolic family (flowers courtesy of Tracie and MADabolic LKN) for the support as we open #2.



Preview classes were awesome, and we got to christen the space with some packed classes, which is always amazing energy.  If you live in Charleston, have friends in Charleston, or just vacation there, come check it out — we’re here.

I can’t really pinpoint what the ‘best’ part of this whole endeavor is, but I’m pretty sure that just shy of the amazing community, it’s going to be having the excuse to be in Charleston ALL the time.  Things could definitely be worse.

On Saturday, after the two morning classes, I hit up Blend Juice Bar (in Mt. Pleasant) with Dar, Heather, and Mike (two of our coaches at MAD) for a little boost in our energy.  This was an absolutely amazing find, and it’s only been open for about a month.

Blend Juice Bar Charleston

Blend Juice Bar

To start we (each) did a grand slam of juice shots:

1. Red Dragon: lemon, ginger, cayenne

2. Green Dragon: wheat grass, kale, lemon, ginger, cayenne

3. Tiger’s Blood: beet, carrot, ginger

4. Nature’s flu shot: garlic, ginger, beet, cayenne, romaine, jalapeño, lemon, oj, apple, kale, spinach, lemon

Blend Juice Bar

These definitely had a kick to them, and my belly was warm for about 10 minutes following, but we definitely felt awesome.  I HIGHLY recommend checking this place out…and not only for the pure juice.  Their smoothie selection is unreal, and the Green Sweetie might be the best green smoothie I’ve ever had or even dreamed of.

There are so many new spots I loved from this week’s trip and I absolutely love Charleston, but I’m still homesick for Charlottesville and the MADville crew.  I’m back in Charlotte this week for my ‘real’ job, so it’s going to be a little longer, but you better believe I will be ever-so present at Friday’s after Five and of course the MADrave on Saturday night.

It’s both amazing and challenging to balance life between three cities, but I don’t think I could have picked three better places to have an anchor. This is going to be an amazing summer of MADness.


A Little luluLovin’ + A Sweet Sweating Week

While I like to eat clean and whole most of the time, I definitely abide by the 80/20 rule because a girl’s gotta live!  This week, being one of the most traditionally sweet I squeezed a little more of that ‘living’ into my life, but rounded it out with some pretty sweet sweats.

We’re in the middle of the 20 class challenge at Pure Barre (20 classes in 30 days) which is universally kicking some butt, so I went a little lighter than last week on the LTB getting two classes in early with Kristin and Amy Jo.  Consider yourselves acknowledged not only by this blog, but by all of the muscles in my body.

Pure Barre Challenge

Classes have been packed full lately, which makes it a little more fun, and definitely helps keep the energy up as we soldier through the last two weeks of the challenge.

The beginning of the week looked a little like this:

Monday:  5.5 mile run + spin w/Mahogany at ACAC

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run + Pure Barre w/Kristin

Wednesday: Pure Barre w/Amy Jo (followed by the Beer Master Dinner at Blue Mountain Brewery. more to come on that soon!)

By Thursday I was ready for a little stretch, and in the spirit of the ‘holiday,’ ready to give a little love to my body.  And guess what? The stars aligned for just that.  I was able to bookend my day with a short run early, and some yoga (VINYASA!) at Opal Yoga‘s grand opening night.

lululemon love

The lovely ladies from lululemon were there spreading love, and giving the gift of The Mat to Opal’s first few students, ever.

this one is better?
sweatworking at it’s finest. R to L is our gluten-free favorite Kristin, me, Alex + Hannah all ready to go.

I was spoiled when I lived in Charlotte to have fantastic hot vinyasa heavy, and awe inspiring teachers and studios at nearly every corner, so when I moved back to Charlottesville to find a severe lack of vinyasa studios, my heart hurt.   As I said to Opal Yoga’s owner, Karen,  I have been waiting for this day for almost a year now.  Considering she’s been working up to this same moment for her whole life, my sacrifice seems small, but still, it was a very exciting moment for all.

beautiful yogi's full of love on LOVE day
beautiful yogi’s full of love on LOVE day

Opal’s space is beautiful and full of such love and energy from Charlottesville’s most enthusiastic, open hearted, and engaging yogi’s.  If you live in Cville there are grand opening events and raffles going on all weekend, and classes happening forevermore.

I finished off the ‘work’ week with Dar’s Bootcamp this morning, and a nap around 1pm that was so very needed by my body.  Tomorrow I’m jump starting the weekend with my third installment of Pure Barre this week, and am then venturing over to the lululemon showroom to teach their complimentary Saturday class at 10am, so if you want to LTB surrounded entirely by luon, come join us.  We’ll be sweating and shaking our little hearts out.

Hope you had fabulous Valentine’s Days filled with the people you love.

put a little love in your heart
put a little love in your heart