Exciting News + Living the 80/20

Yesterday was a big day.  It was a long time in coming, and a big exhale at the end of an immense amount of work for both Dar and I, our partnership group, and the Fight Gone MAD corporate team.  Here is the press release that went out yesterday afternoon:



Once the release went out and the buzz settled itself down, it was finally time for drinks, pizza, friends, and a big exhale.  To make things even better, the Bulls beat the Heat in game 1 of this playoff series, so Dar is convinced that this was the best day of her life.  I’m inclined to believe that the best day is still yet to come – there are some pretty exciting things on the horizon.

Yesterday we fully lived the 20% of our 80/20 health and fitness balance — today we get back to business, back to our workouts, and back to the #MADlifestyle that we’re so excited about. Stay tuned.

the best is yet to come

Dar Went Rogue

It happened, people.  Spring.  It toyed with our emotions for a little bit through February and March, but it has finally arrived, and it is majestic.

That being said, with the warmer weather comes the return of Coach Dar’s outdoor bootcamp and the season of outdoor workouts.  The 7am class filled pretty quickly so we added a 6:15am and an additional 10:30am small group training class.    There are only a handful of spots left and it begins monday, so register here if you want to reserve a spot!

Dar Bootcamp

In preparation for spring bootcamp Dar took to her ‘garage gym’ to prepare the ‘inclement weather’ location, as well as the small group training facility.

spydargymWhile the practical motivation for this was prepping for bootcamp and Dar’s own at-home training, I think the real deadline was the result of a contest put on by Rogue for best ‘garage’ gym.

rogue garage gym

Since Dar lives on their website, and is genuinely obsessed with their products you can imagine how excited she was to totally go Rogue not just with equipment, but also with her color scheme and the generally expected look of garages in Charlottesville.  Today a significant portion of a business lunch we had in Richmond was centered around the link to the big a** fan that our buddy Brandon sent her way for dual gawking.  Check it out if you want to indulge yourself, I assure you, it’s not just any wimpy gym fan.

At any rate, fan or no fan, spring is here, Dar’s bootcamp is back, and the season of at-home workouts has returned! We’ve got a bunch of great at home circuits we’re going to share with you that require only basic equipment or none at all.      I did one of them yesterday in Dar’s garage gym, and I can tell you that it’s no joke, so get excited (Dar sure is)!

dar coffee

sidebar: Dar completed the 28 to Life #realfoodfreedom challenge this past weekend, and has taken back her coffee creamer love with  the SO delicious french vanilla coconut milk creamer.  The moral of this story is two-fold: 1) challenge complete (with updates to follow) and 2. she’s caffeinated on top of already being a morning person.  Bootcampers be warned.  It’s on.

I’m Dar. You Can Call Me, Coach Dar.

fitness blog - darWelcome to Fuel Sweat Grow, I’m Dar.  You can read the guts of my bio on the sweatworker page, but I wanted to share a little bit more of the personal side of me, and my passion for fitness.

I’m motivated by human interaction.  There’s nothing better than to work with an individual or a small group of people to motivate, educate and coach them to achieve their goals, feel better and even look better. I have strong convictions when it comes to fitness, but mostly this is based on years of trial and error, working with hundreds of individuals and experiencing first hand things that work, and things that don’t. I’m always working on my own fitness goals, welcoming new challenges, and trying to get a little stronger in my weaker areas.

I spent the last year trying to master double unders.  mission (mostly) accomplished.
I spent the last year trying to master double unders. mission (mostly) accomplished.

Any blogs or articles that I can find, I read, and I am always attending trainings and seminars to evolve with new methods.  I’ve done it all or at least tried it once.  Ok, that’s a lie – I never did step aerobics in the 80s and refuse to do any step class.  I never have done Zumba and you wouldn’t catch me in a Zumba work out.  It’s not because these workouts don’t work – it’s because I lack coordination and rhythm. Then again, I said I’d never take Pure Barre and as someone well on their way into the 100 class club, I should probably never say never.

The people are truly what make working in fitness so rewarding for me.  I love working with awesome people who are passionate and motivated in the same areas as I am, and are invested in building stronger and healthier lives.  It’s a very personal journey with each client, and I really value the personal relationships and connections that grow out of the shared experience. When my boot campers call me Coach Dar, I love it, but really, that’s just a bonus.

fitness blog - dar training
one of my favorite all-time WOD buddies

My contribution(s) to the blog will be focused greatly around the “Sweat” section, with a few guest appearances in the fuel pics.  My cooking has historically been boring to others and mainly features the same three ingredients on a steady rotation, but I’ve been working on my own personal ‘growth’ in the kitchen, so you never know, I may shock everyone with an amazing culinary masterpiece.

To wrap this up and keep in short, I’ve always been active.  My real personal fitness journey started in my college weight room back in the ‘80s, and I didn’t know just how much it would change my life.  I’m lucky and very fortunate to do what I love.  For a long time, fitness was something I did as a personal passion and interest, planned around my regularly scheduled ‘9-5’ life.  It wasn’t until recently, in the last five years, that I took that passion and transformed it into a lifestyle and career of working with others.

I’m excited to share my passion and sweats on the blog, and am so glad that you’ve clicked over to see what we’re up to.