Making It Count in 2014: Month 1 Recap

There’s something about 2014 that I haven’t quite figured out yet — but it’s a different year.  The jury is still out on how exactly I feel about it, but it’s going to be transforming for sure, and there is always value in growth – no matter how rough around the edges.  Sometimes it just takes a little extra time and effort to understand the importance and let even the most challenging experiences feel valuable.


Every year around this time I will typically ask myself (now usually with a slight laugh and small eye roll), ‘I wonder what I’ll be doing one year from right now?’  I’ve been doing it for about 6 years, and each year it is more apparent to me that there is no freaking way that I could ever guess the answer.  It’s an impossible question.  And to be honest, if it were a stock year with a predictable answer, I don’t think I’d be very happy.

I need to be able to acknowledge progress; to see and feel my life evolving and my perspective broadening. I’m not looking to replicate years through routine and stagnance– I want growth and change.  I want to finish each year and know that I’ve learned something, that I can relate to a broader group of people, and that I’m still working towards something bigger than my present reality.

That’s the deep version of how I look at each new year when I feel inclined to wax philosophical.  Most of the time I want to be happy in the moment.  To feel purpose, commitment, and appreciation for exactly what is in front of me.  We’re three weeks deep into 2014 and I’m off to a pretty solid start — in my opinion.

Here’s what’s been happening lately:

1.  I kicked off the new year in a way I never thought I would: with beer.  Now, I’m fine with drinking, in fact, I’m a huge supporter of evening wine and enjoying life — but that has never included beer before.  Excited that LOVING Southern Tier’s Choklat Stout was an immediate victory for 2014, I had it for three consecutive nights.  And then I remembered why I don’t drink beer — because the gluten or hops, or whatever happens to be making it all beer-like totally disagrees with my belly.  But hey, I welcomed the new experience with open arms (arms that carried ALL the beers), and that my friends, shows both growth and courage (I might be pushing it with courage).  fuel sweat grow: southern tier stout

2. Dar went to yet another kettlebell certification to ensure that she’s the MADdest person in all of Charlottesville (and beyond), so I got to look after three of my favorite things:

fuel sweat grow: tank
Tank the Crank.
Lil' miss buggie
Lil’ miss buggie
MADabolic Cville
MADabolic Cville

At MADabolic Cville we’ve hit that tipping point where classes are maxing out and our clients are really starting to kill it in the workouts, which is exactly how I like to both coach and train.

3.  Back in Charlotte by mid-month, where recovery from the holidays and Charlottesville looked a lot like work (life work and actual every day WORK), I’ve filled nearly every free second  training at the flagship MADabolic location (#MADabolicCLT), taking in endurance rides at Flywheel Charlotte, re-organizing my living space, and smooching all over a foster-pup that was delivered to my door last Sunday morning.

Fuel Sweat Grow: Foster Pup
Sweet DIXIE girl! Looking for her forever home through Carolina Paws.

It’s a shameless plug for this sweet girl, but she deserves it.  You know I love my Buggie, and Tank (her brother for life), but Dixie is the most obedient, loving, people oriented, and well behaved dog I’ve ever met.  She’s the follows-you-around, places-her-head-on-your-lap and just-wants-love-and-a-family-to-love-back, dog, that people dream of.  So check her out, and please please please share with your friends.  She’s awesome with kids and would love to be that dog that walks them to the bus stop and loves them unconditionally.

And then last but not least…

4.  We finally announced the third MADabolic franchise location in CHARLESTON (South Carolina)!  It’s such an exciting step for our partnership group, and comes with the addition of a new corporate family member, Pat, who will be carrying the torch as the General Manager for Charleston.  We’re up and running on Facebook and Twitter, so give us a follow, and as always, make sure you’re tuned in to the corporate Instagram and Twitter to keep up with ALL the locations.


It was a pretty serious amount of excitement for the first few weeks of the year, and not even a comprehensive view of the whole, so stay tuned for some backdated shares, and some pretty serious new recipe and meal posts as I head back onto the 28toLife plan starting Monday.  It’s going to be real….real food freedom (wink wink).

Welcome 2014: the year of coffee + anything you want

Welcome to 2014: the year of coffee.


I’m pretty sure that’s not the official slogan of the new year, but if it went to a vote, I’d definitely support it.  I’ve  been getting more sleep lately than I have in a really long time, so I’m not nursing my favorite mud for any major reasons, but more for the comfort and warmth that it provides.

That’s kind of what I’m looking for this year: comfort and warmth.  So, if I can get a little hit of that each morning (afternoon, and evening…) to keep me on track, well, I’m going to take it.

The extended holiday season was something borne out of what felt like pure chaos, so for the last week or so I’ve been really pumping the breaks on 2013 to allow for a fresh and intentional start to the new year.

Fuel Sweat Grow: New Year

I think the hardest thing about pressing the reset button, or setting goals is, really, honestly, taking the time to figure out what you actually want.  We’re so programmed to want what we’re ‘supposed’ to want, what we think we ‘should’ want at whatever our particular age is, or what other people want for us.

I’m still working on the list of things I want to accomplish this year, but there are a few major things that I know I want to do for me, and either create or strengthen the habit(s) as a part of my forever lifestyle.   I used to break out my goals in terms of career, personal + health, but to change things up a bit (and because those aren’t easily decipherable categories these days) I’ve divided them into my three favorite life categories:


1.  Take a cooking class

2. [Better] Sunday preparation for the week of meals to keep things clean.

3.  Hydrate.  This means drinking 5-6 times the amounts, of water, that I drink of wine.  (This one is really a major learning and goal from the holidays, but I think it’s a worthy rule of any life experience.)


1.  Master ALL of the MADabolic primal movements.  Or at least let myself believe I have for the length of time I need to KEEP MOVING during the entire interval.  (I can be an angry gorilla, right? right.)

2. Re-incorporate yoga + stretching into my life, 2-3 times a week.

3. Take a group class at a trampoline gym (and then buy a[nother] trampoline).


1.  Take an art class.

2.  Take on at least three of the projects I’ve pinned to my Pinterest boards.  Even if just for the sheer entertainment of making the attempt.

3.  Make dates with myself.  I used to dress up in real clothes and take myself to coffee and shopping or a movie once a month.  I don’t know why I stopped, but I miss me.  I was pretty fun to hang out with.

The list goes on… and on, and on, but for now, that seems like a good start.

2014, I’m in this with you.  Let’s see OWN how this goes (coffee mandatory).