The Good Kitchen [product]


The most challenging part of eating clean (whether it be paleo, 28toLife, Whole30, or just simply a healthier processed food + chemical free diet) is finding enough time for the food prep.

Most of our lives demand convenience, and an efficient method for sourcing on-the-go meals, so the fact that THE GOOD KITCHEN provides this, with completely clean, locally sourced [amazing] meals does nothing short of completing my life.  In the last year they’ve expanded their accessibility and in addition to shipping overnight, and offering recurring mail plan options, they are now distributing to Walmart, which is amazing.   All meals freeze and are easy to travel with to work or on travel.

If you are signed up for The Whole Damn Thing team and challenge, you’ll get a code from us for 20% off your FIRST order!


And more than just a la carte ordering, they now also have meal plans to help even the most culinary-challenged, or chaotically busy of us on track when the going gets tough.


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