28 to Life – Nutrition

When we talk about Nutrition and fueling our bodies for performance and life, it’s important to have the resources and experts who have not only studied the science, but also live the lifestyle. Cristina came into our lives in 2012, and she managed to convert two skeptics of all the ‘#paleo’ lifestyle to change everything in only 28 days. She preaches balance, realistic goals, and education to understand what you’re putting in your body, not dangerous or restrictive weight loss principles.

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Cristina Gillespie, 28toLife

B.S. Exercise Science / Certified Primal Nutrition Health Coach

Cristina began her food journey eliminating food that she once believed to be healthy, started to read ingredients, and focus on nutrient dense real foods. As a mom of 3, she awoke to a whole new sense of freedom with her body, and with food.

Her approach starts with nutrition, and understanding how to fuel your body to look and feel better in your everyday life. She focuses on hormone regulation, energy, and gut health over measurements and extreme fad diet weight loss. While she acknowledges that physical results do come real nourishing food, and is primary over working out, Cristina’s coaching is built around sustainable lifestyle changes.