fuel: noun

  1. something that gives nourishment; food
  2. an energy source
  3. something that sustains or encourages
  4. verb:  to eat is to supply the body with fuel.

 We love to eat.  Seriously, we are constantly eating, keeping our bodies fueled for our sweats, and  the daily demands of our lives.  We all have different bodies, and real bodies, and it’s important to nourish them.  On this blog, and in this space, we provide lifestyle tips, stories, recipes, and resources to support anyone looking to eat clean, whole foods, for energy and health.

Our core belief is that if it comes from the ground and is natural, it’s okay.  We avoid nearly all pre-packaged foods, foods containing preservatives, and anything with a chemical additive in it to make it fat or sugar ‘free.’  We share our grocery lists, recipes, and core ingredient lists regularly, and which foods are the most dynamic for everyday use.

We love to shop local: Organic, local, grass fed, whole foods.  Whether it’s produce, or meat, buying local helps to keep the cost down and food fresher.  Here in Charlottesville we’re lucky (SO spoiled) to have so many amazing farms and markets constantly providing great food to our city, but there are ways to eat healthy and clean wherever you are.

fuel sweat grow: Paleo Parents Real Life Paleo




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