Mother Nature is Doin’ Her Thang + So are We

The end of this week was a little of everything, but it ended up being pretty productive and it was for that sole reason that I was able to breathe a little easier on Sunday and finally got myself organized right before my pending work travel to Charlotte.  So naturally, my trip was cancelled on account of mother nature deciding to spread the snow love to a full week event…and in a much broader geographic range than she usually prefers.  I get it sister, it’s still winter, so make the most of your wildest season of business – I can respect that, so I’ll just find a way to embrace all my happy things right in stride. fuel sweat grow: ciders and flower Since I didn’t make it to Charlotte for work, it really just meant that instead of being in an in-person meeting for 8 hours, I was on a conference call, straight through for 8 hours.  You know what that means? Yep.  It means my inbox is currently the most organized it has ever been, my OneNote skills took a massive upswing today, and there are about one million old files shredded in my garbage can right now.  And it was worth it. It was worth every last second of that phone call to be able to look into my office and feel a sense of organization, calm, and overall bliss — and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Since I knew it was my last chance to get out of the house and sweat for a while, I committed to the 5:30pm class — and I’m so happy I did.

I love this place, it’s like a second home, which makes sense since we built it to feel that way.  I’m there enough that it pretty much is my personal rec-room, but it’s the people that make that so worthwhile.  We seriously have the best trainers, and that’s only getting enhanced by all of the fine b:core folks that have come on board [including the non-barre side staff soon to be announced].  I happened to snap a pre-snow photo, and then during one of the breaks in class tonight managed to snap more of a real-time snow moment from the same view.

fuel sweat grow: February Snow Day

fuel sweat grow: february snow day

Both photos provide a little perspective change from the norm of looking in, but both pretty significant to me for how this business is positioned. Yes I mean that literally in the photo, but mostly metaphorically as the foundation for all the rest to come out in the larger world. Outside these doors, but never too far away from the passion, lies the intent and serious commitment to what has been built here and the people who have been so integral in building it.

I’ve been working on a number of exciting future projects lately, and the one thing that keeps coming up and I keep coming back to is just how amazing our MAD-core family is. What makes me/us so proud to not only stand with them in these ventures, but also to grow and evolve with them in staying true to our mission, goals, and full commitment to not only build great community but maintain the integrity of a foundation.  For us that is not only about perpetual learning, but in really embracing the ‘why’ behind all that we do.  We are constantly challenged and pushed by our trainers to know more, be more, solution for more, and I wouldn’t (or couldn’t really) have it any other way and still feel or be remotely legitimate in this business.  This is both an incredibly exhilarating discussion point in the fitness industry right now, and an incredibly scary one, all depending on what surrounds you, so I’m so thankful every day to be surrounded by the passionate few who are not only hungry for it, but seek it out.

So, anyone ready for a little comic relief? I’m pretty much always game for a little laugh, this definitely got my attention today as I found myself pacing my office and standing at my desk to take meeting notes and manage chaos, reluctant to sit down.  Our bodies have an intuition about them, and our hip-flexors have a short fuse (get it?), so I’m a huge proponent for finding that balance….just maybe a little toned down from actually walking right out of my job…but to each his own.

Tomorrow has essentially already been declared a snow day for most of Charlottesville (MAD morning classes included) so despite the fact that I’m going to be on another call for 8 straight hours, I’m fully ready to embrace all the good things that are set up for the evening, and maybe, just maybe I’ll do a little sneak reveal of some of what’s to come.  No promises, but you never know.  Either way, I’ve got a lot of new content coming out with a little more of an informative approach as I merge into a new content venture and fitness editorial approach for some other things I’ve been working on for a while.  So hang in there, we’re about to get a little technical up in here.

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