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The most challenging part of eating clean (whether it be paleo, 28toLife, Whole30, or just simply a healthier processed food + chemical free diet) is finding enough time for the food prep.  Most of our lives demand convenience, and an efficient method for sourcing on-the-go meals, so the fact that MODpaleo provides this, with completely clean, locally sourced [amazing] meals does nothing short of completing my life.  Oh, and now they ship overnight to Virginia, which means you can order today and have a weeks worth of meals at your doorstep tomorrow [and enter the code ‘MadnessCville’ when you create your account, and get 10% off your first order.  It’s that simple].

fuel sweat grow: MODpaleo Pre-packaged meal delivery

This screen shot won’t do it justice, but here’s a sampling of one of their menus, and just some of the amazing meal options that they have.

fuel sweat grow: MODpaleo menu

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