My Super Long Cut and Paste Week.

Today was one of those Thursday mornings when I spent about two optimistic and delusional seconds trying to tell myself it was actually Saturday before I forced myself to open my eyes.  Unfortunately, those efforts always prove futile, and I got up to face the fourth day of what feels like a twelve day week.

Coming off of our team’s weekend in Charleston, this week was a long extension of last, chock full of meetings, deadlines, and do-it-freaking-now lists.

Monday kicked off the week with a over-full work day, the 5:30 class at MADabolic, and dinner at Nan & Byrons in the SouthEnd to talk MADabolic strategy and development with an awesome local female entrepreneur.  I will absolutely be sharing more on this very soon — but in the meantime, check out her brainchild, The SoGood (& download the app).

Tuesday was the off-day from exercise that I promised myself, so I filled the post-work hours with a great dinner at Roosters and some of my favorite people — and of course, our best friend of all: wine.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but Roosters has risen to be one of my favorite spots in Charlotte (ranking high up there with Soul) and never disappoints.

Wednesday was my ‘do it all’ day.  Work, grocery shopping, multi-tasking, MADabolic work, running, cooking, and most importantly: Craft Night.

fuel sweat grow: craft night

The anticipation was almost too much — but somehow I managed.  The craft of choice was pop-up cards, and the theme was romance foods and valentine’s day.  Or at least it was the theme until the snow forced us to reschedule, so the night transformed into a night of creating super ironic and unsympathetic occasion cards combined with dogs and food.


Today took everything I had left — which leaves me a little concerned for tomorrow — and I was on the go all day.  Thankfully being in constant motion typically does suit me well, so while I feel behind on administrative tasks, I finally filled some process gaps and created some long-awaited solutions to make my life much easier going forward.  So, it was well worth it.

I hit up the 6pm Flywheel class with Jenna, and got my butt kicked in the best way possible to round out the day and prep me for Friday.

I’ve worked hard to hit the end of the week, and you better believe that I am going to enjoy a weekend at home.  I have a ton of work to get through, and a million little things I need to finish around the house, but I’m committed to taking a few hours for me.

If you’re in Charlotte and looking for a good sweat, here’s my plan for the weekend:

Friday, 5:30pm at MADabolic CLT

Saturday, 10:30am at MADabolic CLT (I looked ahead guys, and you want to do these intervals too.)

Sunday, TBD Flywheel and 6pm deep stretch at Yoga One *subject to change*

Regardless, it was a super productive but busy week and I am SO EXCITED for the weekend to arrive.  See you on the other side.


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