Balance So Far this Week: FGM + Barre Sweats

It seems strange that at the end of June I find myself being thankful for several days of warmth and sun, but this year those days are so few and far between that the warrant some abnormal gratitude.  So, thank you sun for last week, and please, feel free to join us again soon.

I’m trying really hard right now to balance life, work, and my sweats, but work and computer time seems to be outweighing the rest.  Bug tried to hang with me for a while this weekend, but it did not look good for her little spirits which are almost always up.

fuel sweat grow: exhaustion

I guess she’s lucky that she usually gets so much constant love from her camp family, Tank, and Dar (and most every human that she encounters), so her devastation was only temporary.  I just wish it wasn’t on my watch.

I have been doing a ton of writing lately for a number of different projects, including but not limited to an exciting announcement coming out tomorrow, so when the sun came out I took my work out to the daylight and soaked in a little extra vitamin D.

fuel sweat grow: blogging

I had about 10 different word documents, safari windows, and assorted projects happening all at once, as well as a teensy bit of time crunch anxiety, but thankfully I had chosen a happy color of my manicure with Amity this week, matching both the Fight Gone MAD colors, and the turquoise side of her new spot coming to Charlotte: Carolina Barre + Core.

The method is an extension, and the first solo satellite location, of Core Fusion and powered by Exhale Spa.  It’s really awesome to see it popping up in Charlotte, and I could not be more excited for them.  I got a sneak peek of the space (it’s next to Nolan Kitchen on Selwyn) and I love it.  It’s still in the buildout phase, a phase that I am all too familiar with, so no finished pics yet, but it is already shaping up to be a very welcoming and warm space.

I had the pleasure of taking class from several of the new teachers last night, and can not say enough good things about their energy and excitement to bring you this new fitness option, Charlotte.  Right now they are projecting to open the doors, officially, in mid-july, so follow them on Facebook for all updates and news.

With that in mind, my sweat schedule transformed on Monday from a simple one-shot Fight Gone MAD day, to an FGM (and a killer workout at that) + Barre Fusion, so this morning I’m taking things a little slower than normal.  I may give FGM a go in one of the evening classes, or just take a rest day with a walk or run.

I have a special addition update coming to you later today or tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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