Memorial Day 2013: Red, White + Bourbon

I seriously considered posting a true photo journal of this past week simply because so much has been happening and I while I’ve managed to keep up my picture taking, I’ve been horrible at posting on here.  I’ll get us all caught up this week (that’s a promise) and we’ll be back on track right in time for me to take you on the road with me to Charlotte (again).

If I were to pick one picture from the last week that could pretty much sum up my life lately, this would be it.  My two essential must-grabs when I leave the house: sneaks and wallet.  Without them, I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere.


Last Saturday (were I seem to have left off) was a sweet morning of ‘rest’ that involved running around town to hit up the city market and visit the top-secret (now about to be announced) new location of Fight Gone MAD Charlottesville.  The afternoon included a 25 minute workout jammed into a 26 minute available time frame, wine down the street with some neighbors to talk new business in Charlottesville, and capped off with a quick at home meal and heaps of wholesale/retail catalogues from Shelley at Diversified Sourcing Enterprises (our wholesale retail go-to friend).

retail orders

The meal was built on the fly, in a hunger panic, and with only the remaining ingredients left in the fridge.  It ended up being a lettuce wrap with a leftover turkey burger from two nights before, avocado slices, dijon mustard, and little side boats of yellow peppers, avocado chunks, and a drizzled natural ranch dressing (you know, for flavor).

avocado boats and turkey burger

Sunday felt like a bonus day since it was smack in the middle of the three-day weekend.  I had a ton on my to-do list that I wanted to knock out early which was pretty awesome for me, and apparently pretty devastating for Bug.

bug depressed

By mid-afternoon I was ready for a full workout and felt too hot to run, and managed to talk Dar into hopping on board with me for this workout.  It is a pretty close modification of Fight Gone Bad, and was just horrible enough at 3 rounds that clearly we did 5 rounds.

fight gone mad(isn)

I’m sure I would have managed to do it alone, but having another person (or 5 ) definitely helps to keep motivation up, even if it can’t dull the pain.

Monday was, of course, Memorial day, and was both incredibly gorgeous day and and incredibly fun.  Anita and Uday, our neighborhood social sponsors, had a joint bourbon tasting party and celebration for their friend’s birthday.

birthday bourbon table

There were neighbors, friends, kids, and most importantly, the most amazing Bourbon drinks I have ever had.

blackberry bourbon

The food was also awesome, and I had some great ribs, pulled chicken, slaw, pickles and a little bit of potato salad.

memorial day pulled pork and ribs

I had really been missing potatoes recently, but I have to say, it was the only thing on my plate that I didn’t finish – but that could have been largely due to the fact that everything else was so good that I ran out of room.

Once we had food in our bellies, it was game on.


A full-on 7 round bourbon tasting was up next, and definitely propelled the party forward.

bourbon tasting

While I LOVED the blackberry bourbon drink, I don’t have much of a palette for dark liquor, so I sipped the rest of what I had and hung out with Asha and waited for the next course.

val + asha

Pecan Pie.  And of course, it gets even better.

pecan pie

Pecan Pie a la mode.  My dessert, and my life, were suddenly complete.

pecan pie a la mode

All in all, it was a successful holiday weekend, and by Monday night, even the dogs were ready to crash.  A+ for Memorial Day 2013.



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