Beets + Greens Salad and Fridays After Five

Things have been deliciously crazy around here as of late, and we have lots of overdue updates from the past week’s adventures to share in the coming days, along with some long awaited announcements about upcoming events.

Last weekend I scooted up to Philadelphia for my CrossFit certification course at CrossFit KOP (more to come on that soon), so needless to say when I got home I was working with limited resources left over in the fridge.

salad + chicken

I had gotten some beets from C’ville Market the week before that I had been saving for a beet salad, so there was no time like the present.

I peeled, chopped, and steamed the beets until they were tender, and let them cool to the side.  Once the beets were cool, I added in some chopped avocado to top a bed of arugula for a beet + green salad.  Since I haven’t been eating much dairy at all lately, I added a favorite little treat to the top of mine: local caromont goat cheese.

beets + greens w/caromont goat cheese

It was perfect.  Dressing was just balsamic + a touch of olive oil, keeping things simple but still adding flavor.  I fell in love with the Caromont Farms goat cheese in the Caromont salad at The Local.  One day I might replicate it for you, but they do such a great job that if you’re in Charlottesville (or ever visit Cville) you need to go try it for yourself.

For the most part since finishing the ‘28 to Life’ challenge I have been sticking to the basics of the plan, but occasionally I’ll expand the menu options a little bit.  There are so many ways to eat clean at restaurants these days and keep modifications within reason.

gluten free pasta primavera

Last night was the first meal in several months that has had a grain component to it, and thanks to the gluten-free menu at Bella’s, I was able to stray without getting to crazy (or sick).  I had their Primavera Pasta (gluten-free).

I was a little sluggish this morning, but I am confident that it had less to do with introducing brown rice pasta back into my diet, and more to do with the three glasses of wine I had before dinner at last night’s Friday’s After Five downtown.

fridays after five

It’s the 80/20 rule in full effect.  For the most part I think I’d say I live more in a 90/10 world, but I sure do make that 10% count!

Next week I’m kicking off a modified 2 week challenge that I will share tomorrow, with my grocery list and prep plans.  Stay tuned for complete ‘meal plan’ updates, and the 2 week trial of the Cville Fit Fuel Meals.  So excited!


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