Home Grilling + Saturday Morning 5K Stretch

Happy Weekend Everyone!

This week was crazy packed with lots of awesome progress on a few projects I’ve been working on lately, so I was ready for a Friday night in.  I hit up Whole Foods while I was out to get Bug from camp and grabbed a few essentials I knew I would need to get through the weekend.

fuel sweat grow : grocery shopping

My actual motivation for going in was to get flank steak, which they were out of for the first time in my whole foods shopping history.  Thankfully the person at the meat counter knew more about beef cuts than I do and directed me to the flatiron steaks, which are exactly what is wrapped up in that pretty brown paper package on the belt.

Since I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to leave Whole Foods without spending $50 + dollars at a shot, I grabbed other ‘essentials’ which included the latest issue of Food & Wine.  Get excited my friends, this reading material will do nothing but excite my every taste bud.

When I got home I was so hungry that cooking had to commence immediately, and it went like this.

fuel sweat grow: zucchini + asparagus

  • Asparagus + Zucchini, grilled until tender, but still crisp

fuel sweat grow: chopped salad

  • Flat Iron steak tenderized + grilled to pinkness

fuel sweat grow: flat iron steak

  • Flat Iron steak tenderized + grilled to pinkness

The whole meal took 25 minutes to whip together, and it was exactly what I was hungry for.

fuel swat grow: hungry dinner

Throw two glasses of wine into the mix, and I was out shortly after the double digits rolled around.

This morning kicked off early for the HOOS Heal 5k.  Dar led the post-(adult) race stretch  (and what turned out to also be the pre-youth race stretch) at Nameless Field.

fuel sweat grow: Hoos Heal 5k

The stretch was great, and the kids race was awesome.  The whole event was pretty quick, but before we scooted out Dar stopped for quick snapshot with her new groupie, Cav Man.

fuel sweat grow: dar + cav man

Since it’s not every morning that I find myself on grounds these days, I wanted to take the opportunity to hit up the corner to enjoy the spring and a caffeine boost from Para Coffee.

fuel sweat grow: para coffee

The rest of the afternoon was spent downtown at the Tom Tom Founders Festival, which was amazing.  All of the events really spoke to the community of learning and entrepreneurial culture we have here in Charlottesville, and the Tom Talks were full of inspirational, passionate, speeches from some of our community’s most respected thought leaders.

I can not say enough good things about today’s talks, and I certainly can’t fit all of my thoughts into this post so I’ll do my best to organize my excitement in a few posts over the next week or so.  I have a number of big announcements coming up, including some new programming for FemCity Charlottesville, so stay tuned.  Things are about to get [more] awesome.


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