28 to LIFE w/ Fight Gone MAD

This past week has been chaotic, to say the least, thanks both to some unpredictable travel plans, and some focused time with our friends from Fight Gone MAD.

Since announcing their franchising plans, the FGMad team spent some time with Carrie, the creator of Pink Toast Ink, to give a little extra juice to the logo and branding.

fight gone mad

It was ‘officially’ unveiled on Friday at the Fight Gone MAD rebranding party at Good Bottle co in Charlotte.  Judge rules: we like it. a lot.

While we were excited to go to the party and spend time with some of our Charlotte fitness friends, the party was really a bonus add onto the trip down for the 28 to Life seminar led by Cristina on Saturday.  And of course, so was the MAD workout that woke my every muscle up at 9:30 on Saturday morning.


Cristina recently unveiled her new book, 28 to Life, a guide to nutritional freedom using real food, and real facts about the foods (and ingredients) we put into our bodies.  The best part about Cristina’s book, and her seminar is that she lived, and lives, the system every day.

As a part of her program, you kick off your ‘Real Food Freedom’ with a 28 day challenge to wipe your diet completely of the food and toxins that can be difficult for our bodies to process, that contain chemicals, or that adversely impact our energy and health.

Typically we try to eat as clean as possible, and share those meals (and ingredients) we use to fuel our days, but we’re going to be cutting a few things from our typical menu to ‘challenge’ ourselves – starting on Monday (3/11).

For the challenge we’ll be sharing our grocery lists for the week, and planned meals, as well as some suggested snack options for day packing, so we challenge you to join us, and to achieve your own ‘Real Food Freedom.’

For more info on the challenge, and Cristina’s 28 to life program, you can contact her here.  We’re excited to kick it off, so sleep on it, and let us know if you want in!


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