Meet Vanessa: Run Ambassador + Sweatworker

Vanessa Run Ambassador

Vanessa is a Charlottesville native, cardio sweat junkie, fitness and wellness leader.  Fun-loving mama to Everly (aka Munchkin), chocaholic vegetarian, and wahoo for life.

Vanessa has lived her whole life in the heart of Charlottesville. From back road short cuts and local bands, to the best restaurants and UVa traditions, she knows her Charlottesville stuff. Her best day is spent running and people watching around UVa, taking in the scenery on the back country of ridge road, or headed south to the trails at walnut creek.

 After graduating from UVA, and dabbling in magazine editing and marketing, she settled in at ACAC downtown, where she is currently the Personal Training and Fitness Director.  She is an ACE certified personal trainer, with specialty certifications from AFAA, AEA, and Kettlebell Concepts. On a daily basis you can find her training clients, teaching a multitude of classes, or rewarding her sweat sessions with the chocolate stash in her office.  She has an amazing 2 year old, Everly, who makes every day brighter and teaches her to laugh and love the simple things in life.

Vanessa & Everly : fuel sweat grow blog

 You’ll hear from her on creative running routes, trips on training for your charlottesville races, and ways to sneak a little more cardio into your life.

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