Meet VAL: sweatworker with a love for clean fuel

valerie moriniWelcome to fuel sweat grow.  I’m Val.

I’m excited to finally be getting this blog up and running, and have a space to share my finds and favorites from my life as a perpetual health seeker.  You can find my bio on our sweat worker page, but here are a few added details that you won’t find on there.

I grew up in Philadelphia, went to college at UVa in Charlottesville, and spend 5 years post-college living in Philadelphia and Charlotte before finding an anchor (Pure Barre) to plant me back in Cville for the time being.  I am in love with the sweet downtown of Charlottesville, the locavore mindset, and the amazing community focus on buying and eating local, but I still have a piece of my heart in Philadelphia.

Wherever I live, two things that I am always in search of are the best places to get local organic produce and meats, as well as the best sweats in town.  I am constantly in motion, always up for inspiring projects, and use the kitchen as my zen therapy studio.  For me, the best stress solution at any given time is either a great workout, or a great escape into a market, followed immediately by a project of creation in my kitchen.  My ideal days include a great sweat followed by a night of friends + clean whole foods turned into a great meal.  I guess you can say I live my ideal life  since that describes most nights around here, and Charlottesville is full of amazing people looking for exactly the same thing.

fuel sweat grow val collage

You’ll see lots of food pics coming at you from me, recipes (+ my own modifications) and my workout journals.  There will also undoubtedly be a few posts that include my sweet little monster, Bug.  Bug has her own blog where she shares her adventures, but likes to pop into my life every once in a while as my kitchen assistant.  She’s not great at the chopping, but she’s great at cleaning up any morsels that drop off the stove or counter (or your plate if you’re not careful).

bug says

You can find me on most (all) social media channels, so don’t be a stranger.  I’m always up for connecting, sharing, and learning from others.  Share your favorite recipes and finds with me, and I’ll be happy to share them on the blog.




In fueling, sweating, and growing in your life, always be real and keep working on the whole.

3 thoughts on “Meet VAL: sweatworker with a love for clean fuel

  1. I am soooooooooooooooo excited about this blog!!!! So many things I want to try already! congratulations! you are the perfect person for this!!! Looking forward for what else is in store!!

  2. Val … you should be so proud. It looks great, feels very authentic and helpful. Bravo, dynamo. Now I must go searching for great non-toxic substitutes for sugar. Awesome, dear friend.

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